Coral, the largest selling brand in Tanzania, is an intrinsic part of decorating that precedes every major celebration in life. Coral has gained its reputation as a value-for-money quality brand.

Coral is a paint with wide range and coating solutions for various general and specialty applications. Right from wall paints to automotive refinishes, from putty to primers and more, the Coral range has got it all covered.

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The Coral The Art range by Insignia brings artistic textured backgrounds right into your home. Get ready to enjoy the beauty of interiors that reflect sheer elegance and artistic value.

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Coral The Art range gives you room to play and experiment with the colors, textures and patterns as far as your imagination can go. Get yourself a good paintbrush and start. Create interesting patterns and experiment with the texture to suit your home’s interiors. Play with colors, play with the texture, anything, just play your heart out.

Coral Vinyl Silk Emulsion is here to transform your walls into surreal masterpieces. Smooth finish, vibrant colors and great aesthetic appeal is what it vouches for.

Be it hot or cold, be it wet or dry, your exterior walls remain beautiful round the year with Coral Weatherguard paints.

For additional information about Coral Paints & its range or for trade related enquiries, call 0800751040.