Coral Multi-color is specially formulated with synthetic modified cyclic rubber to give a tough, flexible and chemical resistant finish. It offers a classic, attractive multi colour wall finish. Its available in a variety of shades which can be mixed in blends of choice to give unlimited array of multi tones exceeding your imagination. Coral Multi-color is washable with absolutely no damage to the paint film. It has a stylish semi-matt, silk finish with excellent dirt and dust repellancy.

Safe from fire

Coral Multi-color is specially formulated with fire retardant material and therefore it can keep your premise safe from class A fire and smoke spread in case of fire. Coral Multi-color is recommended for use on Bathrooms, kitchens, cloakrooms, restaurants, workshops, food factories, bottling plants, staircase walls and corridors, hotel rooms, reception areas, bank strong rooms etc.

Physical Data

Binder : Modified cyclic rubber.
Pigments : Rutile Titanium dioxide and stable coloured pigments
Colour : White, and other shades as per shade card.
Appearance : Glossy / semi-gloss.

Drying time at 30° C

Touch dry : 2 hours.
Dry to handle : 6hrs.


Coral Multi-colour is supplied ready for use. Incase of viscosity pick-up, adjust viscosity with 5-10% Coral solvent for oil paint before mixing paint with water phase. Stir the paint until homogeneous. Mix individual paints with water phase in a ratio of 3:1 to 1:1 water phase. Gently mix the paint until it gives a uniform structure. Mix other colours with water phase in a similar manner . to get the desired shade pattern, blend the mixtures and stir gently to get multi-tone structure. Feed the mixture into a special airless spray gun


Mixing : Stir the paint until homogeneous.
apply by special spray gun with medium to large nozzle setup using the cross lap method or normal direct contact application method. Apply a mist or guide coat followed by another lap of normal coat. When changing colour, empty spray gun and load cup with water phase. Spay out untill all paint is driven out, then load gun with new colour mix of choice.
Spreading rate : 3.5-4 m2 per litre depending on surface profile and parttern type.
Cleaning : Clean gun with solvent for oil paint after spray works.
Drying : Surface dries in 1-2 hours, hard dry overnight.
Thinning : Coral solvent for oil paint.


of thinner : 8% maximum by volume for spray.
No. of Coats : Minimum two for new work. One or two for repainting.
Cleaning : Coral solvent for oil paint.
Pack sizes : 4 litres, 1 litre.